About Us

Principles - Pānaʻi, Lōkahi, & Haʻahaʻa

Together these elements define what we stand for: giving back, joining together, and remembering our place in this world.

Pānaʻi - Reciprocity

ʻAʻohe Lokomaikaʻi I Nele I Ke Pānaʻi.

"No Kind Deed Has Ever Lacked Its Reward."

The Hawaiian proverb above reminds us to be thankful with not only our words but with our actions. Our biggest focus is giving back to you.

Lōkahi - Unity

Generally, the Hawaiian word lōkahi translates to balance, but the concept of lōkahi pertains to much more. It is the core of Hawaiian group consciousness, the idea that harmony within the group will preserve the cohesiveness and survival of the group. We believe that in order to reach our goals, we must come together in collaboration and harmony. Only then will we achieve greatness.

Haʻahaʻa - Humility

Ha‘aha‘a is the principle of humility. We are urged to act humbly and with modesty. It's important to know that Ha‘aha‘a is not an outward expression of lowliness or a lack of assertiveness, but an internal mantra of open-mindedness and amiability.


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